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Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

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Texas Hold’em Bonus is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, without jokers. Cards are shuffled at the start of each game. In the game you can bet on the bonus. This is an additional bet that is made on the fact that in the first five cards (two player cards plus a flop) there will be a pair of aces or a higher combination.

Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular poker game in the world. As the game evolved, the gameplay became endless, rich and volatile. Evoplay Entertainment has released its own version of Texas Hold’em with Bonus bet. Betting on the Bonus can tickle your nerves, but this is a chance to get a huge payout.

Steps of the game include: pre-flop, flop (first three cards), turn (fourth card) and river card (fifth card). The goal is to get the largest five-card poker hand to beat the dealer.

The soft colors of the game give a feeling of warmth and relaxation, and the setting is made in the best traditions of Texas. Interface elements take into account the latest trends and are designed to simplify any actions in the game. In the payout table, history and at the rules page you will find all information that you need.

  • RTP: up to 99.37%
  • Max Win: € 40,400
  • Release date: 07.2020
Payouts Table
CombinationCall, Turn, RiverBonus
Straight Flush40:15:1
Straight Flush1:150:1
Straight Flush1:150:1
Four of a Kind1:140:1
Full House1:130:1
Three of a kind1:17:1
Two Pairs1:17:1
Pair of Aces1:17:1
High card1:1-

Ante is paid 1: 1 only if the player wins with a combination of straight and higher. With a draw and win with a combination of less than a straight - just push. In case of equality, Ante, Call, Turn, River are returned to the player's account.

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