Tri Card Poker online

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Tri Card Poker

Play Tri Card Poker Online for Free with No Download, No Registration

It’s just you against the dealer in this quick-fire poker game.

Players place a bet, are dealt three cards, then have the choice to play, fold and raise to beat the dealer. The strongest hand wins.

Our signature clean, modern design is perfect for this quick-fire game, plus we’ve added two rapid Re-bet buttons for players with the need for even more speed.

  • Release Date: June 17, 2020
  • Languages: EN, ES, ZH-HANS, PT, JN, TH, VI, ID
  • Platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games


  • Re-bet and Re-bet x 2 options speed up the gaming experience
  • Swipe up for full-screen on mobile devices


  • Bets don't need to be equal amounts.
  • After placing the Ante, the player is dealt three cards face up and the dealer three cards face down.
  • The player has the option to fold the hand or raise if they think they can beat the dealer's hand.
  • The dealer then shows their hand, but only qualifies if they have a Queen or higher.
  • The highest hand between player and dealer is declared the winner.
  • If dealer has the highest hand, player loses both Ante and Raise.
  • If dealer does not qualify, player is paid 1:1 on the Ante bet and the Raise is returned as a push.
  • Bonus pays for a straight or higher, as per the payouts table.
  • Pair + is a separate bet that wins if the player has a pair or higher, as per the payouts table.
  • Fold forfeits the Ante and Pair + bet and ends the hand.
Payouts Table
PairPayoutsAnte Bonus Payouts
Straight Flush40:15:1
3 of a kind30:14:1

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