Stinkin Rich Slot Machine

Stinkin Rich slots by Slingo

Stinkin Rich Slot Machine

Get Rich With a Stinky Twist!

Game is a mix of slots and bingo: each game lasts 11 Spins. Match numbers on the reel with the grid to complete Slingos and move up the pay ladder. Wilds allow you to pick a number to match.

Extra spins are available after each game. The price of each spin is dependant on the grid position and the potential prizes. Prices may be in excess of your base stake. You can control the number of extra spins and maximum prices offered in play controls.

Stinkin’ Rich Slingo is your chance to live the lavish lifestyle of the rich and fabulous as you seek to complete Slingos on your way to some smelly but generous money rewards. Sure, you’ll need to put up with Richard the Skunk just long enough to come out smelling like roses with a boatload of cash in your pocket. If you’ve never encountered the funky skunk before, don’t worry: the two bonus games will make it worth your while.

Money Never Smelled So Bad. The 5,5,3,5,5 grid mirrors the reels seen in the original video slot by King Show Games. This is good news, as you only need four matches on the top and bottom horizontal Slingos and only three on the middle vertical Slingo. And as Slingos cover lines that go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, there are 12 possible winning combinations for you to hit. Then there are the jackpots: three jackpot symbols activate the Smelly Rich jackpot, four make you Filthy Rich, and if you land five jackpot symbols, you’ll have the ultimate honour of being called Stinking Rich. The smellier you get, the richer you become, so be prepared to stink like a skunk.

Special Smelly Symbols:

  • Number: Marks any of the matching numbers in the grid
  • Wild: Allows the player to place anywhere in the column above where it lands
  • Super Wild: Allows the player to place the symbol anywhere in the grid
  • Free spin: Awards an additional spin in the base game
  • Blocker: Does nothing, so you can simply ignore this one

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games

Get a Whiff of These Bonus Spins & Picks. You get not one, but two stinking bonus games: Keys to Riches and Trash for Cash, both triggered as you make your way up the ladder. Keys to Riches award you extra spins, while Trash for Cash gifts you extra picks. Land a full house and Keys to Riches will reward you with 20 extra spins with a 3x multiplier. Or you can take the Trash for Cash multiplier bonus instead, with five trash cans to choose from. When it comes to visuals, Keys to Riches closely replicates the original game through its reels and animations.

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