Fire and Ice Slot Machine

Fire and Ice Slot Free Demo by Slingo

Fire and Ice Slot Machine

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Twice as hot. Twice as cool.

It’s both pure fire AND ice cold! Opposites attract in this totally new way to play Slingo, which features not one but two Slingo grids: one fiery red and one brrrr-illiant blue. Symbols on the slot reel are either red, blue or mixed, and each coloured symbol eliminates numbers from its respective grid, while mixed symbols mark numbers off both grids. Completing Slingos on the red grid moves you up a multiplier ladder and completing Slingos on the blue grid moves you up a pay ladder, to which the multipliers are applied. There are also unbelieva-cool fixed jackpots up for grabs. High volatility and action-packed, Fire and Ice takes the Slingo mechanic to new fahren-heights…

Game is a mix of slots and bingo: each game lasts 10 Spins. Match numbers on the reel with the grid to complete Slingos and move up the pay ladder. Wilds allow you to pick a number to match.

Extra spins are available after each game. The price of each spin is dependant on the grid position and the potential prizes. Prices may be in excess of your base stake. You can control the number of extra spins and maximum prices offered in play controls.

  • RTP: 96.4%
  • Volatility: 5/5
  • Reels: 5

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games


Blazing Jackpots. Ready to start burnin’ down the house? If you complete a vertical Slingo across both grids, that reel changes to the Jackpot reel for the remaining spins. The only symbols that can land on a jackpot reel are:

  • Blue Gem: awards the blue fixed jackpot
  • Red Gem: awards the red fixed jackpot
  • Blank: does nothing

Once a jackpot has been won on a reel it holds in place for the remaining spins. A maximum of 5 jackpots can be won in any single game, so let’s hope you can strike some (number) matches and keep that fire burning. If a full house is achieved, the remaining spins are played out and extra spins are offered to try to win fixed jackpots. The game ends when a full house has been achieved and 5 jackpots have been won. Smokin’!

Chill-iant Reel Symbols. Our ent-ice-ing reel symbols are twice as n-ice! Numbers and Wilds that are half red and half blue mark numbers off both grids. You can choose to eliminate any number from the column above the Wild’s reel position. Thaw-some! The colour of each symbol corresponds to its grid colour, so red numbers mark numbers from the red grid and red Wilds allow you to mark off any number from the column above its position on the red grid. Blue numbers and Wilds do the same on the blue grid. Free Spin symbols award an extra spin, while Blockers do nothing.

Extra Spins. At the end of the game, there’s a chance to relight your fire and buy extra spins for more chances to bag a win. There are separate SPIN buttons for the red grid and the blue grid, and each one will show you the price for the next spin and the potential win for each grid. Burn, baby, burn!

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