Baking Bonanza Slot Machine

Baking Bonanza Slot Free Demo by Slingo

Baking Bonanza Slot Machine

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Flour power!

We’re raisin the bar on instant win games with this flantastic Slingo Original. Get your chef’s whites on and head to the kitchen, where there’s a range of sweet treats waiting to be baked. The flour is in your hands as you get to create your own paytable – it all depends on the cakes you choose to make! This truly innovative creation is unparalleled in terms of player-controlled volatility and slick design, making for a unique and highly-immersive gaming experience that takes ‘sugar rush’ to the next level. Fast-paced and with unlimited extra spins, this is a modern classic in the cake-ing.

  • RTP: 90.4-95.2%
  • Volatility: Player Defined
  • Reels: 5
  • Spins: 5

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games

Game is a mix of slots and bingo: each game lasts 5 Spins. Match numbers on the reel with the grid to complete Slingos and move up the pay ladder. Wilds allow you to pick a number to match.

Extra spins are available after each game. The price of each spin is dependant on the grid position and the potential prizes. Prices may be in excess of your base stake. You can control the number of extra spins and maximum prices offered in play controls.


The icing on the cake. It’s not just fresh bakes that you’ll be rustling up – in doing so, you also get to determine your own paytable, seeing as each cake has its own individual RTP and some are harder to complete than others. Each game consists of 5 spins, in which you must find all the ingredients for your chosen sweet treats. If a recipe is completed, you win a cash prize!

You’ve got the flour! There are 5 different cakes in play at one time, which you can switch using the arrows next to each one. Choose your stake and hit ‘SPIN’ when you’re ready to get baking. Ingredients on the reel are added to any recipes they appear in – you need to find all the ingredients for a cake to win the cash.

Go back for seconds… There’s no limit to the number of extra spins you can purchase when your 5 spins come to an end, giving you more chances to whip up some treats – and hopefully some equally sweet prizes! Sponge-derful.

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