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Multi-Hand Joker Poker by Arrows Edge

Multi-Hand Joker Poker

Poker is one of the world’s most popular card games and thanks to the the Cash Grab Joker Poker and Cash Grab 5 Hand Joker Poker games it is possible to enjoy it without the need for other players. In both these games the Jokers have been placed back into the pack and they behave as wild cards. This of course makes it much easier to form winning hands and therefore bigger payouts. Furthermore, the games are both linked to a huge progressive jackpot which can be won at any point during play.

In the single hand version it is possible to bet between $0.02 and $500 per hand while in the five hand version it is possible to place bets of between $0.10 and $500 per round.

Double Up

Both the single hand and five hand versions of Joker Poker offer a ‘Double Up’ option which make the games even more exciting and offer the opportunity to win even larger payouts. After each winning hands players are given the option to try and double their winnings by taking on the dealer once more. If players are successful then their winnings are doubled. However, this feature should be used with care as one incorrect move and all winnings could be lost.

Progressive Jackpot

The most exciting feature about both of these games is that at any point, while enjoying a game of poker, it is possible to win an enormous progressive jackpot. The jackpot can be won after any hand, regardless of whether it was a winning hand or the size of the bet. This means that while betting the minimum and losing it is still possible to win thousands of dollars.

Mobile Play

Thanks to both Android and Apple versions of these games Joker Poker fans can continue playing wherever they are and never miss out on a winning opportunity.

Payouts Table
CombinationBET 1BET 2BET 3BET 4BET 5
NATURAL ROYAL FLUSH25050045010001250
FIVE OF A KIND2004006008001000
WILD ROYAL FLUSH100200300400500
FOUR DEUCES1224364860
STRAIGHT FLUSH50100150200250
FOUR OF A KIND1734516885
FULL HOUSE714212835

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