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Multi-Hand Double Bonus Poker Free Demo by Arrows Edge

Multi-Hand Double Bonus Poker

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If you are a video poker enthusiast that is looking for a game with a little more to offer then Double Bonus Poker could be the game for you. The game is built upon the standard game of Jacks or Better but it offers a bonus payout for hands containing four aces. All you need to do is place a bet, watch the cards being dealt, choose which to hold and then watch the remaining cards drawn to form the best hand possible. As in Jacks or Better you win as long as your hand contains at least a pair of jacks. Furthermore, in addition to the bonus payout available for four aces, the slot is also linked to a progressive jackpot which can be won at any time.

The game is suitable for all players regardless of the size of their budget. The smallest bet per hand is $0.02 while high rollers can enjoy bets of up to $500 per hand.

4 Aces

If your hand contains four aces then you are in for a huge payout. The payout will depend upon the number of coins bet, 1 coin pays 160x, 2 coins pay 320x, 3 coins pay 480x, 4 coins pay 640x and 5 coins pays an impressive 800x.

Double Up

Each time you win a hand in Double Bonus Poker you have the chance to double your winnings. Just click on the ‘Double’ button and watch as the dealer’s card is revealed. Next pick from the four remaining cards to find a card of higher value. If you pick correctly then your payout is doubled and you can even repeat the process!

Progressive Jackpot

Some of the payouts available in Double Bonus poker are huge and the top payout is 4,000x for a Royal Flush. However, thanks to the random progressive jackpot all players have a chance of hitting a massive win regardless of the cards they are holding or the size of their bet. The jackpot can be awarded at any time, even after a losing hand, and it means that anyone can walk away with an absolutely massive win.

Payouts Table
CombinationBET 1BET 2BET 3BET 4BET 5
ROYAL FLUSH8001600240032004000
FOUR ACES160320480640800
FOUR (2,3 OR 4)80160240320400
STRAIGHT FLUSH50100150200250
FOUR (5 ~ K)50100150200250
FULL HOUSE816243240

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