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In Between Poker

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This innovative rapid-fire game, that invites players to bet on the outcome of the ‘in between’ card dealt, already has an extensive following in the poker world, with the OneTouch version of the title taking the popular product to a superior level of mobile gameplay.

In line with our philosophy of giving classic games a modern twist, once a bet is placed on the in between card, it is subtly revealed using a squeeze-style movement familiar to Baccarat, with player retention increased by inviting bettors to also get involved in a side bet to potentially produce a perfect five-card hand.

  • RTP: Main bet 94.59%, Side bet 86.21%
  • Release: 02 May 2019
  • Languages: Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese(BR), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games

High Hand Hold’em is a mobile-first holdem poker game with a unique sidebet to give players an added incentive to show down against the dealer.

Built for portrait-mode gameplay, the game features a quick-fire sidebet and bonus that pays out if the player's hand value is three-of-a-kind or better.

Designed to enhance the experience for on-the-go mobile poker players, High Hand also works seamlessly on desktop, combining a traditional table game classic with the latest technology.

High Hand Hold’em Video Poker's side bet means that even if players lose their main bet to the dealer, they can still receive a pay out on their side bet depending on the cards drawn during the hand.

Game Rules: Base Game

  1. The table has two bet circles: Main Bet and Poker Side Bet.
  2. Player must bet on a Main Bet to play the hand.
  3. After bet(s) are placed, the deal button is pushed.
  4. First card is dealt to Main Bet square (player), second card is dealt to a "Pocket Pair" square, a third card is dealt to the Main Bet square (player). All these cards are dealt face up.
  5. Fourth card (third player's card) is dealt to player face down and sitting in between the first two cards in the square.
  6. Third player's card will be revealed (Squeezed or clicked to reveal) to see if it is fully in between the two player's cards by rank.
  7. "Fully in between" means the end points are excluded. For example, if the first two player's cards are 4 and 8, the player wins the in between payout only if the third player's card is a 5, 6, or 7.
  8. If the rank of the third player's card is fully in between the ranks of the other two player's cards, the player wins a payout of 2 to 1.
  9. If the third player's card is the same rank as one of the player's first two cards, the main bet will lose.
  10. If the first two player's cards are the same rank or if the player’s first two cards are consecutive (ie… 5-6 or 8-9), the main bet will lose as in-betweener is not possible.
  11. If the third player's card is not in between the first two cards, the main bet loses.
  12. Aces are always the highest rank.
  13. Regardless of whether the third player's card is in-between or not in-between, the "Pocket Pair" square is then dealt a second card (fifth card of the game round) face down. Player can squeeze or click to reveal it.
  14. If the rank of the second Pocket Pair card is the same rank as the first Pocket Pair card (that is, a pair), the player wins a payout of 1 to 1.
  15. The player can win both the "In Between" and "Pocket Pair" payouts in the same hand, meaning a 4-1 payout for the player.
  16. All betting occurs before the cards are dealt (there is no decision making during the game).

Poker Side Bet

  • The Poker Side Bet is a side bet, optional, and must be placed before the cards are dealt. Side bet cannot be placed without placing Main bet.
  • Regardless of whether the main bet wins or loses, the player wins the side bet if the three player cards plus the two Pocket Pair cards form a 5-card poker hand of two pair or better.
  • The side bet payout depends on the hand made and the number of decks used. We are using one 52-card deck.
  • Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules.

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