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Espresso iGaming provider

Since 2002, the Espresso Games brand has always been synonymous with guaranteed quality; the same guarantee that one could expect from a tailor delivering a custom-made suit to his eagerly awaiting customer.

Legendary Slots continue to be on player top favourite lists as if they had just been released to market and new generation Slots astonish players, building customer loyalty effortlessly!

Espresso Games igaming provider are previously known as Talenta Game Studio. The historic brand has been renewed and is proudly taking on the role of "game tailor".

Talenta has been designing and developing games since 2009.

In 2015, it acquired the brand and know-how from UK game developer Espresso Games Limited, thereby positioning itself to offer a unique package of products and experience of exceptional global value.

In 2017, the entire asset was purchased by an important European venture capital company that decided to move the development office from London to Milan.

The Management Team, with over 40 years of industry experience, drives product development with a vision of creating tailor-made gaming products for the customer with the attention to detail that one naturally associates with Made in Italy.

This new concept brings together and consolidates winning solutions that you won’t want to be without!